Welcome to PRIMOS!

The PRIMOS (Protein Interaction and Molecule Search) database operates as an integrated knowledge portal for analysing protein-protein interaction data.

Main features:

  • search for proteins/interactions
  • 6 different interaction databases imported
  • Swiss-Prot and parts of TrEMBL imported
  • Advanced search options
  • PRIMOS interaction viewer
  • Interaction validation
  • OMIM integration
  • all interactions validated (currently running)

Integrated protein-protein interaction data can be browsed either in textual representation or through the PRIMOS interaction viewer:
  • automatic layout of interaction network
  • on-the-fly extension of displayed network
  • network filtering (visibility or highlighting)
  • overview of selected item (protein or interaction)
  • hyperlinks to PRIMOS detail entries
  • save/load graphs
The interaction viewer can be started for every interacting protein within PRIMOS. For a demo display, just click on the screenshot. Visualization requires Java version 1.6.

PRIMOS is developed within the scope of the research project BIOMIS / ISP (BioMedical Information Systems / InSilico Proteomics). Further information can be found on the project homepage.